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a henry ian cusick icon challenge

a challenge community dedicated to making glorious icons of the brilliant actor

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the welcome
the challenge
Why hello there and welcome to henrycusick_ch, an icon challenge community created by yours truly, for_thelily. I went looking for a challenge for my scottish love, I couldn't find any. So I decided I should create one. Little did I know someone beat me to it. xP I was actually made aware of des_icons literally hours after I decided to make one myself. But that's alright, cuz this challenge'll be a little different.
Each week, there will be two different challenges. One challenge will consists of making an icon(s) for Henry, and another challenge which will be devoted to one of Henry's characters. You are allowed (and encouraged!) to enter icons for both of these challenges.
the rules
the timeline
01. join the community. (it is also suggested to friend the comm as well so as to keep track of updates).
002. each icon submitted must meet the 100x100 lj requirements (unless otherwised specified).
003. you are not allowed to use an icon that has been previously displayed anywhere.
004. have fun!
Sunday -- challenge is revealed
Friday -- icons due
Saturday -- poll posted
Monday -- results

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