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voting challenge #6!

  1. vote for your 3 favorite icons
  2. do not vote for yourself, or ask others to vote for you
  3. voting ends monday, results will be posted shorty after

i know i said this would be posted on thursday but i just started school and tennis and life has been a little crazy. so anyways i can't say exactly when the next challenge will be posted, maybe sunday maybe not. sorry but sometimes life just gets in the way. lol. and i believe that in the future i will let challenges run for two weeks instead of one.

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Apparently I forgot a few of the entries for the voting for challenge #6. i have now edited the post and added them in, and if you wish to change your votes to a different icon, comment again (make sure you let me know your changing. i apologize to the makers whos icons i excluded. please forgive me. :(
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Challenge 5: I saw you smiling

  1. Use only the pictures provided.
  2. Blending of the images is allowed, but only with pictures from the same section of the challenge
  3. Animation: none
  4. 4. text: not required, but have fun.
  5. 5. Enter as many different icons as you wish.
  6. Do not post your icons anywhere until the challenge is over.
  7. to enter, please reply to this post with the icons you would like included in the challenge.
  8. Deadline: Friday, August 3rd @ Midnight (est)

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participants so far: 4
icons so far: 15
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challenge 4 results

thanks to everyone who participated in challenge four. i know it was a little long and different without that A & B challenges and the weird scheduling, but you guys managed to come up with quite an ecclectic group of gorgeous icons! and even though i feel you all should be rewarded, there can only be one winner (or in our case, 5).

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don't forget to pick up your banner from challenge 2 here. the new challenge will be posted sunday. :)